Our Consultation


We will...

     • Give you a step-by-step plan of action
     • Give a detailed plant list
     • Resolve problem areas (Sun-shade, Drainage, Erosion)
     • Add curb appeal
     • Plants for year round color
     • Low maintenance landscapes


This is our entry level consultation. After going over a few 'home work' questions our designers walk with you through your landscape to give you everything you need to know. At this level, you take notes as we give you a wealth of information. 


*2 hour consultation . 


Add a Sketch

Hand drawn sketch $150 

With all of these great design ideas, it is in our clients' best interest to request a sketch of the landscape our designers are envisioning. This professionally hand drawn, pencil sketch is done during the two hour consultation and shows all the important elements in your landscape: your house, the planting bed shapes, the plants themselves, any hardscapes discussed, along with additional notes. This service is offered at an additional $150.  




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