February 28th

-  Remove leaves from beds and start adding mulch.  Very last call to cut back liriope.

-  Ok the warm winter is a flower lovers dream!  So many plants trees and shrubs are blooming early  Thank you God!

-  Get a jump on Spring by planning and designing the landscape now.  

- What’s blooming now?  Okame Cherry, Daffodil, Camellia Japonica, Japanese/Saucer Magnolias, Star Magnolia, Loropetalum, Iris, Azalea!!  Spring is super early this year!

-  Fruit trees are showing up at local nurseries.  Be sure to do some homework on varieties that do well in middle Georgia, and the growth habits or size,  Consider dwarf varieties if space is limited.  

-  Dead head (remove the faded flowers) and fertilize daffodils as needed.  Do not cut back the foliage!

-  Summer and fall blooming perennials can be dug and divided now.

-  Now is a great time to aerate the lawn.  This will break up the soil to allow for better water and fertilizer penetration.  Aerators can be rented at the local rental store.

-  It is still a great time to transplant trees and shrubs.

- Next week, let’s talk about types of grasses that grow well in middle Georgia.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!