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Here is the information on our upcoming Home Shows! 

Seasonal Tips

-Days are longer and hotter now!  Welcome Summer!  Now is a great time to consider adding irrigation to your lawn, planting beds and containers.  

-  It is not necessary  to bag the clippings from your lawn unless,  the grass has grown long while you were away on vacation.  

-  Continue to “dead head” perennials and annuals for best performance. 

-  Fertilize container plants with a liquid fertilizer now.
-  Hydrangeas are beautiful now, add more of your favorites to the shade garden today.  

-  Crape myrtles are blooming.  So beautiful, tuff and hardy.  I’ve actually never seen one die.  Crape Myrtles are made for the south.  

-  Clean tools now that most of the spring garden chores are behind us.. Use common household oil and a fine steel wool pad to clean the metal surfaces of pruners, shovels, trowels, etc.

-  Beat the heat with a pergola or pavilion in your garden.  These buildings add interest and character to any landscape. 

-  In case you havent noticed, house plants are beginning to enter our outside summer landscapes.. This trend started in Florida.  House plants to consider are Pothos, Philodendron, and some of the succulents.  It’s an interesting twist.