When you get a Design from us, we will make that dream a reality.  Fern Valley is a full service Design, Installation and Care company providing services that include the installation of:

• Plants, trees and shrubs
• Lawns
• Seasonal color and perennial beds
• Retaining walls, paver walks and patios
• Arbors, trellises and pergolas
• Container gardens
• Irrigation (design, install, repair)
• Outdoor lighting (design, install, repair)
• Outdoor furniture 
• Care of Landscapes and Gardens
                                   and so much more!​



Whether you have an existing system in need of repair, or are looking to add a new irrigation system to your landscape, we can help! We know you are looking for the same level of service, quality, and attention to detail that Fern Valley brings to every project. We can promise this with a service we have offered since 2014.

We Offer Irrigation Consultations!

We will meet with you for one hour, assess your irrigation needs, and give you a detailed list of what needs to be done. New system or existing, this appointment gives you the step by step knowledge to ensure a properly working irrigation system in your landscape for just $129. 

No matter the landscape, it is inevitable that it will need care season to season. Here at Fern Valley we strive to make our clients lives easier and the landscape enjoyable and therefore we offer year-round care for all landscapes we install. This means pruning back plants as they grow over the years, replacing weak or dying plants and adding seasonal color to your beds to 
ensure a year-round colorful 







Atlanta: 404-225-2710 Savannah: 912-239-5844 Middle Georgia: 478-345-0719

Landscape lighting gives your landscape new life during the evening hours and keeps your family safe by deterring criminals who avoid well lit homes. Beautiful and functional, today's  landscape lighting uses LED bulbs for low 
energy costs. Fern Valley 
uses only the highest quality materials and copper 
fixtures to bring you years 
of carefree landscape